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[Jan. 13, 2020]   LINCOLN -

The Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society officers for 2020 were sworn in at Monday’s monthly meeting. Board member Bill Donath did the honors.

LCGHS board member Bill Donath reads the oath of office from the LCGHS bylaws.

New Officers: R-L: President Diane Farmer, Vice-President Diane Osborn, Corresponding Secretary Mary Ellen Martin, and Treasurer Roseann Coers. Recording Secretary Jo Anne Marlin was absent.


Photo by Curtis Fox [Lincoln Daily News]

The Spanish Influenza Epidemic In Logan County, Illinois, 1918-1920
Article 1 - Bill Donath:  The Spanish Influenza Epidemic In Logan County, Illinois, 1918-1920 <-- click here
Article 2 - LDN: The Spanish Flu and Covid-19 The Logan County Experience <-- click here
“In October 1918 alone, 195,000 Americans died from the virus. Yet President Woodrow Wilson, obsessed with a war in Europe that would end on November 11, made no public references to the disease. And states received no assistance from Washington, not even from the Food and Drug Administration.”
Most meetings are on the 3rd Mondays of each month (except for December) at 6:30 pm, with
the speaker being first on the agenda. We look forward to seeing you. 
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Snippet from 2019-2020 Winter Quarterly --->

Snippet  from 2019-2020 Winter Quarterly  --->

                  Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society

                                       Lincoln Day Open House

       The society does extensive genealogical research and has a large collection of books to search through when seeking to fill in local family histories. The volunteers will also assist with the searches and offer their knowledge of the communities in the county to those who are seeking to find their roots.  The society also offers a large selection of fact based books about our local communities written by local authors.


          The society offers one room that is dedicated solely to Abraham Lincoln ... collection of Lincoln plates, and some very attractive folk-art style caricatures of the President, library of books pertaining to the President, as well as his life in Illinois and his relationship to the town of Lincoln.

        LCGHS Researcher, Bill Donath, showed guests laminated copies of the Lincoln Evening Courier from 1853 that included photos of the founders of the city of Lincoln. Donath said that the newspapers had been donated to the society by historian Leigh Henson.

                                       [photos & story by Nila Smith, Lincoln Daily News]

January 20:  Diane Osborn shared photos from our LCGHS collection.
     The photo collection of the Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society will be showcased by Diane Osborn, past president of the society.  Among featured items will be Lincoln Street scenes dating back to horse and carriage and street car tracks days, an 1893 aerial photo of the City of Lincoln, a 1955 aerial view of Lincoln State School, photos of Lincoln Lakes, and other pictures and collectibles.
      Downtown Lincoln photo (left) shows the trolley tracks while viewing businesses including Boyd & Sons Dry goods and Gus Marcucci’s Confectionary at the corner of Broadway and Kickapoo Streets. This photo is one of about 200 in the framed collection of the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society. 
     Past LCGHS President Diane Osborn pulled out some of the gems in the collection to showcase them during a meeting at the Society building, 114 N. Chicago St., this week.  Crowd favorites included an 1885 map of the City of Lincoln, Lincoln Lakes Beach photos, and a 1925 photo featuring the "Jigger Line” of the Illinois China Co. factory on North Kickapoo Street.  
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Lincoln Daily News <--click here
                   Lincoln Lakes                                     Lincoln State School                                 Logan Co. WWI Soldiers                                        Lincoln Stetson China factory
The Mill Museum in Lincoln, IL is designed like a Dutch windmill. We were so honored to have the Dutch Route 66 Association visit our Mill on Friday, 9/6/19. Many thanks to Dries Bessels & the Dutch Route 66 Association for visiting & giving us the thumbs up! -Geoff Ladd
  LONG-AWAITED STORY:  The One Room Logan County School House 
2017 Lincoln Courier: The Mill Starts A New Life
As a Rte. 66 Museum of Yesteryears

Lincoln Daily News:  Slideshow  <-- click here
2019 - 2020 Winter Issue <-- click here  LCGHS announces arrival of "Days Gone By" ... available at the Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society, 114 N. Chicago St. Books may be purchased Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. & 2nd Saturday of the month (10 - 1). Cost of the book is $38 each. 217-732-3200.  
(founded in 1862)
4 May, 2016 Lincoln Daily News:  Historical Society recognizes
 the Logan County Bar

May, 2017 LDN: Logan County Genealogical &
Historical Society recognized Logan County law practices


Logan Co. Cemetery Listings