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2013 Programs

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January - Program on interpreters training presented at historical society

by Marla Blair

Bringing history to life is not impossible when trained interpreters relate to visitors with stories
 and time-period conversation. Most of us have seen interpreters at Postville Courthouse, New
 Salem, the Davis mansion or other historic sites. Being an interpreter isn’t magic, but it takes
 practice and special skills to make it work.

Anne Mosley, Assistant Director, Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College, presented a
program Monday night at the Logan County Genealogical and Historical Society on upcoming
 interpreters training. The opportunity could prepare several people to be interpreters for local,
state or nation-wide historic sites.

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February  - Black History Month - will be recognized with a program involving historic Allen Chapel, which has experienced restoration and upgrades over the last year. The program will feature the portrayal of at least
one individual from the African-American history of Logan County and/or central Illinois.

March - Captain A. H. Bogardus - Historians from Mt. Pulaski and Elkhart came together to present a biography and stories of mid-to-late 1800's Elkhart resident Adam Henry Bogardus, a Civil War officer, local legend, inventor and world-renowned sharpshooter.  Gillette Ransom discussed the Logan County man, his family and his life’s achievements.  Phil Bertoni presented a power-pt. presentation that coordinated with Gillette's talk.  References were made to the voluminous amount of information on Capt. Bogardus that may be viewed on the Internet.

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Jack Burke, curator of the Heritage in Flight Museum at the Logan County Airport, discussed the in-door and out-door displays that have been acquired since the early 1980's that reveal both military and commercial aviation history - military memorabilia and artifacts from all conflicts dating back to WWI.  Many local contributors (veterans and their families) have made the museum ever more personable with exploits recorded for all to read.  Some of the outside static displays noted: F-4B "Phantom" II, T-33A "Shooting Star", C-45 "Expeditor", UH-1H "Iroquois" Huey and several military vehicles including a WWII ambulance whose interior has been completely preserved.  The museum building is currently open only on Saturdays, 10 - 2.  Jack also discussed the current two-year refurbishing plans made possible with a recent $112,000 grant from the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources.
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May - LCGHS member Diane Osborne gave an overview of the book she is compiling, with histories of old houses in Lincoln and Postville.  Also, representatives from the Marbold Farmstead, Greenview, gave a slide show presentation on the historic home and its former owners.

June - Bill Hoagland, Executive Director at Main Street Lincoln, gave an overview of Main Street's updated vision, sharing the list of events and activities planned for this year, and introduced the business workshops that are scheduled this summer.

July - Bill Donath, President of the LCGHS, spoke on the U.S. Sanitary Commission which provided medical assistance to soldiers during the Civil War. He focused on the contributions made by local groups. There will be an article on this in the next quarterly.
15 July, 2013 LDN: Bill Detmers: Be Careful Crossing the Hard Road

AugLynn Spellman, retired Lincoln College English Professor, will present a program on the Underground Railroad.  Ms. Spellman will share the history of the Underground Railroad in Stark County, Illinois, where she spent her childhood.  Ms. Spellman's research and findings will include details from a journal written by a 19th century pastor of her family's church. The pastor, a conductor on the UGRR, wrote over the time during which he and others assisted runaway slaves through Stark County to safety.  <-- click here for complete report

September – Laura Walden, Coordinator, Old House Society, Bloomington, shared the organization’s mission of salvaging materials from vintage houses. OHS’s warehouse is open to builders, renovators and others interested in obtaining hardware, flooring and other architectural items to use as replacement, matching features or display. Sales from materials and Society memberships support the hands-on activity of a two-person staff. Walden’s presentation was enhanced by her personal doorknob/hardware collection.

October – Sylvia Klokkenga, an Emden resident, shared the German heritage of her community by telling the intertwined stories of three families (Klokkenga, Cross, Rademaker) who settled in northern Logan County in the early 19th century. Sylvia included several pictures and written material which generated interest and conversation during and after her program. Her in depth research was conducted at the LCGHS and Emden Historical Society centers, and enhanced with family records.

November – Retired Brigadier General Stewart Reeve (IL Nat’l Guard), Director, Illinois State Military Museum, was the guest speaker for the annual dinner meeting/program. This year’s event was held at the Blue Dog Inn, downtown Lincoln. Brig. Gen. Reeve stated that the ISM Museum mainly focuses on the Illinois National Guard’s history, the first military force established to protect early traders and settlers.  He took listeners back to the first militia activity with French troops and Native Americans in the territory which became the state of Illinois. The story moved through history to include modern wars in other countries, and the ING’s domestic work after natural disasters and adverse weather.