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13 July, 2017 New HeraldNews:  The Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College is proud to present their third installment of the "Learn from Lincoln, Live like Lincoln” Lecture Series on Friday, July 21, at 6:30 p.m. at the Lincoln Heritage Museum on the historic campus of Lincoln College.

The speaker will be Professor Emeritus, Paul Beaver, former Lincoln College professor and past Director of the Lincoln College Museum. A life-long Logan County resident, Beaver has co-authored several books including: A Pictorial History of Logan County; Lincoln, Illinois, A Chronology 1853-2003; and Abraham Lincoln in Logan County Illinois 1834-1860.

At this free community event, he will be discussing Mr. Lincoln’s unique ability to inspire courage from American citizens, both locally and nationally, during the Civil War. Beaver will also be discussing the similarities between Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt in how they could inspire normal everyday citizens to display courage. For questions, please contact the Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College at or (217) 735-7399

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The plaque testifies that in 1857 and 1858, after a fire destroyed the Logan County Courthouse, court was held at the church and that Abraham Lincoln heard cases in the church. The plaque will now be placed on display in the church.
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Note:  Geoff Ladd, former Logan County Tourism Director & currently volunteer Director of the Mill on Route 66 Committee, has been spearheading the Mill renovation for several years.

Presidents of the United States are featured in the February window of the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society, 114 N. Chicago St. 

Pictures, commemorative plates, and books are displayed in addition to a heart.

Plates featuring Abraham Lincoln are available for purchase.
18 Jan., 2017 LDN:  Logan County Historical Society begins new year with a little fun: sharing oldest family photos and/or
family history - some of connections to Abraham Lincoln
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Lincoln Quilt pieced by rural Lincoln resident Stacie Wachtel will be on display HERE throughout January. 

Wachtel, a wholesale fabric representative for Wilmington Prints, viewed this snowy rural America anywhere fabric designed by John Sloane, an oil artist, and was inspired to piece together the quilt, adding the Lincoln signage to the Depot.

The quilting was done by Lori Elliott of the Make It So Shoppe in Lincoln.

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This "Lincoln" quilt pieced by rural Lincoln resident Stacie Wachtel will be on display at the Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society throughout January.